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February 6, 2015


From Invoking Animal Magic:

In the Pagan view the wolf is simply another creature with whom we share the world – not a separate world, but the same world. She has at times been a poor neighbor, but then again, so have we. She shares our devotion to family and our ability to survive in challenging environments. She is a part of our history and, for better or worse, we are a part of hers. The wolf mother says to us, stop trying to make me what you fear me to be, what you want me to be or what you need me to be. Become like me, temporarily, and let me show you who I am.

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New Webinar About the Wolf

January 23, 2015

I am pleased to be bringing you another animal-focused webinar, this one about the wolf and her shapeshifting cult – in other words, werewolves! I will have many pictures I was not able to include in my book Invoking Animal Magic and I will talk about the wolf-coyote hybrids now colonizing the Northeastern United States and Canada. I think this will be of interest both to people who are familiar with these hybrids and those who are not. The werewolf herself is a type of hybrid, being a human in wolf form. I will not be ignoring the sensationalized aspects of werewolves, but this webinar will look at the phenomenon more from a historical and occult-scientific point of view. From the book:

The werewolf is a complex creature that is part science, part magic, part tradition, part superstition. She embodies a concept that has become confused over the centuries as Christianity and science have attempted to understand the phenomenon in their own terms. Fears and misconceptions about shapeshifting have been projected mainly onto wolves, which makes the werewolf a good study on the crazier side of shape shifting.

The Real, True, Totally Authentic and Genuine History of the Werewolf
Monday, February 9, 2015
7:00 – 8:00 pm Eastern Time US
Cost: $25
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