New Webpage is Up

June 15, 2017
Balloon Animals
Balloon Animal photo Rise Rover/ Wikimedia Commons

I have updated the webpage and this page will be taking the place of the old website ( All of the material from hearthmoonblog has been transferred to this site.

You will find the latest blog post if you scroll to the end of the front page. There is a link to previous posts there as well. New material will be posted first to this front page of

Why am I changing this website? The obvious reason is to make the page associated with me that is most accessed congruent with my name. There are other reasons, however. This new site is more mobile friendly and can be read more easily on a variety of devices. The new site allows more secure transfer of data, and so I have included a contact form. This is an integrated site that has everything related to my writing and work, and it will eventually replace all my other web pages, making it easier for people to find information.

It has been an intense months-long task to build the new site, and while most of the time and work was on my own computer, transferring the site rather than updating the old address has meant that there was no disruption in the blog.

An innovation that will not be directly obvious to my readers is that this site is designed to be easier to update. I can add and change data without going back and trying to figure out my own code. This should keep the site more up-to-date.