Toil and Trouble

December 8, 2017

Last Friday, I was greeted in the morning with an email from a woman who was trying to sign up for my newsletter and getting an error page. I discovered that the commercial email company handling my mailing list went out of business. Not only that, the new company who had bought out the old assured me that my email list existed in my new account, but they had no new account for me, and my list had disappeared forever, and at any rate they had sent me an email about the transfer a month ago. I didn’t believe any of this was true, but I still asked my web host to go through my incoming email for the past six months and they could find no such email from the old company or the new. Assigning blame is pointless, though. I don’t have the list. I scrambled the rest of the day to set up a new commercial mail account and update my web page.

Fortunately I did make a backup, never in a million years thinking I would need it for this purpose, although the backup is older than I would like. Between my backup file and other sources, I will be putting it back together again. People who have signed up for my infrequent newsletters will get a notice saying they have been added to the new list. Don’t delete the email and don’t report it as spam. Click the link and verify that you have voluntarily joined the mailing list. If you want to save me some headache and typing, click the “newsletter” link and sign up yourself. It’s under the book picture at the top of the home page.

Putting together a mailing list is going to take me some time, but I didn’t have anything I wanted to say in an email at the moment anyway, except “Happy Yule,” and I am no longer in the holiday spirit. Mercury retrograde. What else is there to say?

Old Friends

November 24, 2017

Lisa Thiel. “Invocation,” from Circle of the Seasons.

Lisa was kind enough to review the draft of my first book, Invoking Animal Magic, and offer an endorsement.

Another old student messaged me last week. I hear from many of you from the distant past from time-to-time and I value our magic together. Those who remember me, I think of you often, with gratitude.

This Disease Cannot Be Excised: Countering Patriarchal Religion

August 28, 2017

Update August 31st. The Return to Mago website is back up and you can read this article here.

Painting of Virgin Mary
Jan van Eyck 1432

It is clear to many feminists that the most important and challenging avenues for pursuing women’s liberation in the twenty-first century are elimination of poverty and freedom from violence. Violence and poverty are heavily gendered, with men the overwhelming perpetrators in these areas and both women and men the victims. As access to government has been achieved in Western countries while male violence and feminized poverty remain, the advancement of women’s rights has stalled and stagnated. A multi-pronged approach is rightly seen as the only way to break through millennia of patriarchal oppression. [article continues…]

New Webpage is Up

June 15, 2017
Balloon Animals
Balloon Animal photo Rise Rover/ Wikimedia Commons

I have updated the webpage and this page will be taking the place of the old website ( All of the material from hearthmoonblog has been transferred to this site.

You will find the latest blog post if you scroll to the end of the front page. There is a link to previous posts there as well. New material will be posted first to this front page of

Why am I changing this website? The obvious reason is to make the page associated with me that is most accessed congruent with my name. There are other reasons, however. This new site is more mobile friendly and can be read more easily on a variety of devices. The new site allows more secure transfer of data, and so I have included a contact form. This is an integrated site that has everything related to my writing and work, and it will eventually replace all my other web pages, making it easier for people to find information.

It has been an intense months-long task to build the new site, and while most of the time and work was on my own computer, transferring the site rather than updating the old address has meant that there was no disruption in the blog.

An innovation that will not be directly obvious to my readers is that this site is designed to be easier to update. I can add and change data without going back and trying to figure out my own code. This should keep the site more up-to-date.

Lost Lookout

June 2, 2017

Lost Lookout
Beaver Meadow Falls

Hanging Spear Falls
Hanging Spear Falls

Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

Hulls Falls
Hulls Falls

Ice Climbers on Roaring Brook Falls
Ice Climbers on Roaring Brook Falls

Pyramid Falls
Pyramid Falls

pyramid falls

More on Recovery

May 19, 2017

My surgery for a torn knee ligament happened last week and went well. I am walking without crutches and healing rapidly. I have been tired and sleeping quite a bit, but I expect to be truly on my feet again within a few weeks.

Personal Update

May 12, 2017
US Fish and Wildlife

By the time this is published, I will be recovering from surgery for a torn knee ligament. It’s not nearly as big a deal as knee replacement, but I’m not sure what the time frame for my recovery will be. I could be blogging again next week, or I could be as elusive as this bittern.

At any rate, I am looking forward to happier trails. Blessed be.