Divining with Animal Guides: Answers from the world at hand

Understand the meaning of messages in your daily encounters.

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About the book

Invoking Animal Magic: A guide for the pagan priestess

Explore the wonders of animal wisdom and lore.

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About the book

I would recommend going through this book [Invoking Animal Magic] if you are a pagan and an animal lover. You will deepen your understanding of the creatures around you in some very interesting ways. ~ Leslie Linder, SageWoman



Excerpt from review of Divining with Animal Guides:

“I was delighted to discover that Divining with Animal Guides is not a cookbook dictionary, concretizing the ‘meanings’ of animal encounters. Author Hearth Moon Rising has created a manual for learning to observe and discern and ultimately, to shift our strictly human viewpoint. Only when we look at the context in which the animals offer us their messages are we able to fully understand their invitations and gifts.


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Radio Program with Susun Weed

Susun Weed interviews Hearth February 27, 2018 about animal divination.


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Divining with Animal Guides…teaches ways of using both intuition and knowledge to get messages from animals and offers excellent research and practical guidance. ~ Lucya Szachnowski, A Bad Witch’s Blog.

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A day on Mt Philo

August 5, 2022

Many people think the Adirondacks are lovelier viewed from Vermont. The High Peak mountain ranges are part of the charm of western Vermont.

On a hot day, the short drive up this mountain south of Burlington is just the ticket for relief. Lots of picnic areas near the parking lot. Plus, the view.

A little hazy on this day, from the heat. Vermont is more settled than the Adirondacks, with a lot of farms. The state animal is a domestic beast, the Morgan Horse. I don’t know of any other state that has a domestic animal for a mascot.

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