This Liminal Time

December 27, 2019

I am fascinated by Roman mythology before the Greco-Roman period, partly because I find it so abstruse. Etruscan mythology, already influenced by the Greek, seems more accessible, despite the concerted destruction of the culture perpetrated by early Christians.

Photo: A. Davey

Roman deities tend to be abstract energies rather than developed personalities. Even when they take physical form, that form is often perceived as inanimate or at least non-biological. The goddess Cardea, she of the front door hinge to the family dwelling, is a good example. Together with the god Forculus (door) and Liminus (threshold), Cardea forms the energy around the entrance to the abode.

Cardea allows movement through a boundary, so she seems like a goddess to reflect upon for the New Year. We think of boundaries as forces to keep things out (evil spirits, troublesome people), but a functional boundary also allows energies to enter. Cardea filters out undesirable energies as the desirable energies pass the threshold.

Photo: Justjeffaz

Friday the 13th

December 13, 2019

Actually a perfectly fine day. It’s Friday! (Frigg’s Day) The planet for Friday is Venus, the planet of love and friendship. And 13 is a number associated with some lunar calendars.

But if you still want to be spooked, there’s this. I was walking along a dirt road earlier this week and saw this widow-maker. Don’t know if the photo conveys how huge it is. I took this as a divinatory sign to slow down and pay attention.

The Visitation

December 6, 2019
Photo: Jerry Segrave/USFWS

There is a 3-legged deer in the village that has attained almost mythical status. People who spot the deer limping around at night are alarmed, only to be reassured that, “Yeah, she’s missing part of a front leg, but she gets along okay. Been that way for a while.”

The other night I glanced up and saw the 3-legged deer peering in the window at me. Wildlife, mostly deer, do this, and I feel sometimes like my house is a zoo cage and I’m on display for the wildlife.

I learned last night that our gimpy deer is not a doe, but a buck. He has a small rack going. I don’t see many bucks around, because they are hunted and they don’t have antlers much of the year. The 3-legged buck stood awhile at the window and then limped away.