Another Update From the Deep Woods

October 28, 2016

Autumn colors have peaked and faded. It’s really such a short season. I now have snow-covered peaks to photograph and I will be sharing those with you in a few weeks.

Another thing that’s been happening for me, and really dominating my life, is that the house I’m living in is being repaired. A very good thing, but it’s requiring planning and adjustments on my part. We’re about two months into things, and of course the hard part is for those actually doing the work. The hard part for me is finding time to work. (I know, we should all have that problem.) I do my writing evenings and weekends, and during the week I clean, cook, and run errands, or just go for a long walk. Sometimes it rains or snows and I get a bonus day of work. It’s actually quite manageable, and it’s gratifying to see the repairs coming along. I have new windows! It looks like this will be going on for many more months, so the winter will be a time of adjustment. And maybe it will be a bit warmer inside this year.

Update on the Next Book

October 14, 2016

My book-in-progress is coming along nicely. I have completed the first draft and compiled the illustrations that will go along with the manuscript. This next book will be a more focused take on animal magic, looking specifically at divination with animal signs. I have been sharing short excerpts on this blog and I will be sharing more snippets over the next few months. The book will be published by Moon Books. Production schedules with commercial publishers can be quite long, so look for the finished product in about a year. It will be worth the wait.