No articles, no photo essays, no poems today

December 9, 2016

No reviews either. I’m getting ready to submit the manuscript for my next book so I’m a bit distracted from blogs and blogging. I’ll let my cat Samhain handle the post this week. This picture was taken right after she threw my pen on the floor. Part of an international cat conspiracy to infiltrate the homes of writers and decrease the output of literature. Cats do not like books.

One thought on “No articles, no photo essays, no poems today”

  1. Cats would like humans to know that books are annoying, irritating, boring, and get in the way of the main purpose of humans: petting cats. Books can also interfere with another important human function: providing laps for cats. This is without even mentioning that books can make feeding cats, and refilling their water bowls, more difficult for humans.

    Mlle Colette and Miss Lily Mae send their greetings and encouragement to Samhain in the war against books.

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