More on the Eclipse

May 27, 2022

The most interesting thing for me about an eclipse is the changes it leaves in its wake. I’ve been hearing about problems in women’s lives that progressed to a zenith during the eclipse, paving the way for solutions beyond their expectations. Changes I have been hoping for began to manifest about a week following the eclipse. Interestingly enough, they were not connected directly to the obstacle I was doing magic to overcome. It may be that there is an indirect link.

I know that I’m being cryptic about the changes going on in my life, but I have become extremely circumspect about broadcasting good news before it solidifies. I’ll make an announcement in a few weeks.

David Craig shared this photo with me from the eclipse, taken with his telescopic camera. He said that the most spectacular view occurred some minutes after the moon began moving away from the place where the earth blocked the sun’s reflection, the height of the eclipse. He explained that the red light during totality was caused by atmospheric reflection of sunlight from the earth: without the earth’s atmosphere, the moon would have disappeared from view altogether. To me that suggests that the visual experience of lunar eclipses will differ from time to time or place to place, since atmospheric conditions on earth constantly change.

David’s blog, always interesting, is here:

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