Found poem: On reading Rumi, while not reading Rumi

September 3, 2021

I decided to tempt fate again and wait until Thursday to schedule my weekly blog. Here’s hoping the internet holds out.

I was talking to a friend recently about the 13th century Persian poet Rumi. She had never heard of him. In searching for something to show her, I found this old poem of my own that I had forgotten about. I guess it’s more a Spring poem (Everyone should write a Spring poem, said Louise Gluck), but it’s apropos because it’s timely.

Life Interferes with Reading Rumi

I want to read Rumi
But my cat believes this is the time to pet.
She’s batting paws on the page
Wet nose pushing against my fingers.

I want to read Rumi
But I hear the carpenter puttering in the garage
And a conversation must be had
about a broken window.

There are times to contemplate life’s mysteries
Times to reminisce about a blissful moment
Times to reflect on insight glimpsed
between pages, within pictures, inside symphonic movements.

That time is not today.
Leave the musty books indoors.
We will stroll to the river this pestering day
Hear the giggle of persistent water
Greet the greeny tree buds opening

And read Rumi.

Because for Me the Truth

August 21, 2020

Because for me there are certain truths
that have not been banished

to childhood
to antiquity
to cave men
to crazy people
to indigenous cultures
to cultural sensitivity
to impenetrable philosophies
to subjectivity
to literary genre
to suspended disbelief

Because for me the truth
has not been bounded

by scientific bodies
by quantifiable terms
by elegant equations
by peer reviewed papers
by foundational texts
by political correctness
by right-side-of-history
by Karl Marx
by Mary Daly
by the threat of a Twitter ban

Because for me the truth
has not been deconstructed

into hypotheticals
into reciprocals
into relativity
into subjectivity
into obfuscation
into obliteration
into bullying
into helplessness
into slogans
into silence

Because for me the truth

even if you don’t understand
even if I don’t understand
even if it hurts your feelings
even if it’s ugly
even if it’s old
even if it can’t be monetized
even if you don’t like right-or-wrong
even if it changes things
even if it changes nothing
even if I’m the only one who cares