Divining with Animal Guides: Answers from the World at Hand

Step into the next level of understanding in the animal world…

Divining with Animal Guides shines a light on the path you are taking, illuminating the messages, guideposts, and secret codes that mark your interaction with the world around you. Like Invoking Animal Magic, this is a book to be enjoyed as well as referenced, with lots of fun stories, surprising facts, and quirky insights.

To further understanding of animal metaphors, the processes of sight and sound are explored, along with elementary numerology. A framework for understanding animal encounters emerges, along with enhanced ability to recognize important signs.

The book discusses many different types of animals with the goal of generalizing the material, but a few of the ones that are explored in detail are cats, deer, bees, horses, ravens, crocodiles, and scorpions. This is a spiritual text, pulling from Celtic, Norse, Roman, Greek, Slavic, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian traditions. There are over ninety illustrations.

Divining with Animal Guides is your definitive guide for interpreting animal encounters.

Publishing Date: February 23, 2018


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