The Biden Presidency: A hasty astrological impression

January 20, 2021

Here is the chart for President Joe Biden’s assumption of office.

I drew this chart for 11:50 a.m., Eastern Standard Time. Determining time in an event chart can present a challenge. What incident along the timeline marks the event? The official time of the inauguration, according to the White House, was 12:00 p.m. Biden and Vice President Kamal Harris took their oaths some minutes before that. Senator Amy Klobuchar introduced the 46th President of the United State shortly before noon, and Biden then spoke those honored words from the podium, “My fellow Americans…” only a few minutes before the official time.

In this case, it doesn’t matter whether we time the event at 11:45 or 12:00. The essential features are the same. A beginning with Moon void-of-course, signifying a presidency going much different than expected for anyone. Biden will see his plans stymied by persons and events, probably unforeseen, reflected again in the stellium of planets in the Tenth House squaring the Mars-Uranus conjunction in the Twelfth.

That Mars-Uranus conjunction, nearly exact in the chart, speaks to revolutionary change of a far-reaching nature. The attempted coup springs immediately to mind, suggesting Biden’s administration may be dealing with violent plots to undermine the government. The Twelfth House placement of this conjunction speaks to subversive acts done in secret, outside the awareness of most Americans. But secret revolutions can also be nonviolent, taking the form of hidden but intense jostling for power within an administration. Look for Harris, whose background as a prosecutor makes her comfortable in adversarial dealings, to wield more power, albeit behind the scenes, than a typical Vice President. As the first woman Vice President, her assertion of power will be challenged. Biden himself took a more active role than former Vice Presidents in the Obama administration, which could make him inclined to allow Harris to spread her wings.

The Twelfth House placement of the Mars-Uranus conjunction might suggest far reaching changes that are implemented subversively, through administrative rule and policy changes that sneak through unnoticed (or ignored) by the media. Harris, a talented tactician, is primed for this kind of strategy. Who these stealth changes will benefit cannot be predicted. (This is the nature of Uranus changes; if you could predict what happens, it wouldn’t be Uranus.) Despite touting his working class roots, Biden has throughout his career been as pro-corporation as you would expect a Senator from the State of Delaware to be. On the other hand, even he must be aware that distrust of corporations (especially the tech corporations that form Harris’s base) has been fueling Trump’s popular appeal. Democrats like to pretend that Trump’s appeal is limited to his White Supremacist base. Are they as dense as they appear? This active Twelfth House, squaring the public Tenth, will provoke that question repeatedly. Underscoring the intense grab for power behind the scenes is Pluto squarely on the midheaven squaring that Twelfth House Moon. Pluto is associated with inexorable power, while the Moon influences emotions, making this a highly charged conflict.

The cluster of planets in the Tenth House shows this presidency will be focused on getting business done. It will be ostensibly, even flamboyantly, transparent while conducting real business in secret. That legal Ninth House Venus might be a female former prosecutor with a significant role (Harris) or it might speak to laws or court rulings of significance to women. We may get another female Supreme Court justice. These are my initial thoughts. No doubt I’m overlooking something obvious. I’ll be examining analyses from people with more astrological insight than I in the coming weeks.

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