Invoking Animal Magic: A guide for the pagan priestess

Invoking Animal Magic explores the power and wisdom of animal allies. More than a compilation of interesting facts—stories, folklore and animal behavior are integrated in a modern pagan perspective. Illustrations based on cave paintings and artifacts add a visual component to the text. Thought provoking questions and fun activities help ground the material in personal experience.

In this book you will find an in-depth study of nine animals with an important place in Euro-paganism—their myths and legends, historical context and magical themes. You will also find general topics that are relevant to animal magic. Rituals and spells are included in each section, along with material to stimulate reflection.

What you will not find is a hodge-podge of information or a list of unexplained “meanings” of various animals. This is an engaging text that can actually be read rather than placed on a shelf for occasional reference.

Publishing Date: July 26, 2013

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Hearth Moon Rising uses personal encounters in this dazzling read that aims to open the readers’ eyes to a new way of viewing the world. ~ Elizabeth Konkel, San Francisco Book Review

Book Excerpt

The Hounds of Hel

“Your grandfather wishes to speak to you,” said my friend Rita. “He says to tell you Barney is with him.” She giggled. “That’s an odd name. Is that an American name?”

“Barney was my childhood dog,” I replied. It is also the name of President George W. Bush’s Scottish terrier and the name of a well-known children’s character. It became a popular dog name, but few had heard of the purple dinosaur or Bush Jr. when Rita gave me this psychic reading. I was way ahead of the canine Barney craze.

“Did you really name your dog Barnabas Collins?” the kids at my school asked incredulously when I got my first puppy. It seemed over the top to everyone, but I was the #1 fan of the vampire soap opera, and I later mourned the demise of Dark Shadows almost as much as the death of Barney.

Rita was relaying messages from my grandfather, who had recently died. He was considered a difficult man by most, a curmudgeon even when young, but he had always been good to me. He related better to dogs than to people and formed a close attachment to the dogs of all his children and grandchildren. I had always felt uneasy about being away from home when Barney died, and it relieved me greatly to know that my grandfather was watching over him in the spirit world.

When I gave Barney that unfortunate name, I did not understand just how much dogs and vampires have in common. Dogs, like vampires, belong to this world and to the land of the dead. They have a predatory aspect and are associated with blood. They incite fear. But unlike vampires, who operate as rogue agents, dogs are yoked to a greater authority. They are emissaries from the otherworld, sent to portend the end of life, protect us from untimely death, and guide us on the final passage.


Chapter 1: Creatures of the Underworld
Snake Dreams
The Hag and the Serpent
The Transformation of the Seer
Snake Review
Approaching Animal Magic
Such a Deal
Musings on a Multi-Patterned Scale

Chapter 2: Creatures of the Womb
Bat Savvy
The War Between Beasts and Birds
Rebellion of the Minyades
Bat Review
The Animal Mother-Goddess
The Lord of the Flute
Musing in a Dark Cave

Chapter 3: Creatures of the Soil
Deciphering the Mouse Mysteries
The Witch’s Queen
The Colony of Mice
Mouse Review
What Is A Magical Animal?
The Pride of King Solomon
Musings on the Magical Beast

Chapter 4: Creatures of the Dream World
Bear Dance
A Priestess for Artemis
Birth of the Honey-Paw
Bear Review
The Animal Guided Meditation – part one
The Fish King
Musings with an Animal Guide

Chapter 5: Creatures of the Night
The Owl of Cwmcawlyd
Why the Owl Hunts by Night
Owl Review
The Animal Guided Meditation – part two
The Spinster’s Vision
Musings From Another Dimension
Chapter 6: Creatures of the Long Journey
The Toad Queen The Three Feathers
The Frog Princess
Toad Review
What Kind Of An Animal Are You?
Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld
Musings on a Fairy Toad

Chapter 7: Creatures of Silence
In Search of Spider Gods
The Weaving Furies
The Children of Uttu
Spider Review
Them Lyin’ Critters
The Abduction of Idunn
Musings on Deception and Truth

Chapter 8: Creatures of Transformation
Bunnies and Rabbits and Hares (Oh my!)
The Tortoise and the Hare
The Cupid and the Hare
Hare Review
If It Looks Like a Duck, It Could Still Be a Witch
The Little Red Cow
Musings in a Different Form

Chapter 9: Creatures of the Otherworld
The Hounds of Hel
A Girl and Her Dog-Groom
Cuchulainn, the Tempered Hound
Dog Review
Wolf Bane, Wolf Brew
An Early Horror Classic
Musings on Canine Shapeshifting

Final Words
Appendix I: Heroes and Deities
Appendix II: Ancient People and Places
Selected Bibliography