In With the New

January 1, 2016


The year begins in an auspicious way with the publication of the Moon Books anthology Pagan Planet: Being, Believing, and Belonging in the 21st Century. This is a book about how Pagans in the Millennium are living their religion: some through activism, some through family, some through community involvement, all through conscious practice. This is an inspirational and varied collection of writings, one that looks beyond theory to real world practice. Yours truly has an essay included here, about practice in a wilderness environment.

I have three longer essays that I expect will be published this year in various anthologies. One is a feminist look at the self-help industry and another is about Native American roots of the Goddess Movement. I am finishing up a piece on witchcraft with the scorpion.

And of course I am working on another book. This one will move deeper into animal magic with a focus on divination. This is where I am devoting the bulk of my energies right now.

Here’s to a productive and enjoyable year!