Fluorite Intelligence

December 10, 2021

I really like this little guy. It’s a piece of fluorite, about one-and-a-half centimeters at its widest point. I have fluorite crystals that are larger, and complete, but I like the vibration this one has. I’ve noticed that when placed closer to my more perfect fluorite crystals, which objectively I would expect to be vibrating on a stronger, higher frequency, the energy from this one is subdued. Perhaps it’s overshadowed. So I like to commune with this one on its own. I’ve found that in a crystal healing, more and bigger and stronger is not always better.

This little one did not like the flash from the camera. I put it in salt to cleanse and hope it recovers. (Not salt water for fluorite; it weakens the structure.)

Fluorite is supposed to be an eighth chakra stone, due to its eight-sided structure. Perfect fluorite crystals look like back-to-back tetrahedrons (like the Egyptian pyramids). Fluorite has celestial associations and is believed to be good for connecting to higher spiritual realms. I use it in ritual or carry it in a pocket for protection, to avoid being drawn into the pollution of narcissistic and small-minded people. Katrina Raphaell says, “Fluorite is one of the most powerful New Age stones, for it brings into the physical plane higher forms of truth and integrates those conecepts into the mind…”

Though it promotes clear thinking, I believe fluorite can be ungrounding, as it focuses attention on the higher centers of thought. So, not for activity that requires focus on immediate external awareness. Naturally, it helps dissipate anger through encouraging detachment.

I also use fluorite in spells to repel tooth decay, since its chemical composition includes fluorine. Again, be careful not to soak the stone in water for any length of time, and don’t ingest fluorite in any form.