Drawing in the Light

April 15, 2016


After a feast of new material, I have not been posting much original content lately, so I thought I’d tell everyone what I’m up to right now.

I just finished a short essay with photos for Moon Books Blog and will have that link up next week. I also finished a piece recently for the Mago Books anthology She Rises volume 2, which I believe will be out later this year. I have articles in three other upcoming anthologies but don’t have dates for those yet.

I am focusing on finishing my second book as much as I can. Right now I’m working a chapter on (surprise!) the woodpecker. I will have a short graphic story in this chapter, which is something I’ve never tried before. I’ve had to learn how to draw in order to do this, which means it has been very time consuming. It is coming along well though.

I am enjoying the sun and the warmer weather today. The ice is gone and water birds are returning. So grateful for spring!


Northern Flicker. Photo: Dominic Sherony.
Northern Flicker. Photo: Dominic Sherony.