Divining with Animal Guides: Answers from the World at Hand

Step into the next level of understanding in the animal world…

Divining with Animal Guides shines a light on the path you are taking, illuminating the messages, guideposts, and secret codes that mark your interaction with the world around you. Like Invoking Animal Magic, this is a book to be enjoyed as well as referenced, with lots of fun stories, surprising facts, and quirky insights.

To further understanding of animal metaphors, the processes of sight and sound are explored, along with elementary numerology. A framework for understanding animal encounters emerges, along with enhanced ability to recognize important signs.

The book discusses many different types of animals with the goal of generalizing the material, but a few of the ones that are explored in detail are cats, deer, bees, horses, ravens, crocodiles, and scorpions. This is a spiritual text, pulling from Celtic, Norse, Roman, Greek, Slavic, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian traditions. There are over ninety illustrations.

Divining with Animal Guides is your definitive guide for interpreting animal encounters.

Publishing Date: February 23, 2018


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Invoking Animal Magic is a rich compilation of myth, story, legend and folklore that will be an invaluable resource for Pagans and magical practitioners. An impressive work! ~ Starhawk

Book Excerpt

Mistresses of Prophecy

The Thriae (pronounced THREE-eye) are from the Aegean islands or possibly Anatolia. They have bee bodies and women’s heads, and they are covered in pollen.

The sun knew nothing but the time of day, until on a certain island, along a certain mountain slope, beside a certain pond, three powerful sisters emerged. These were the Thriae, the bee maidens, who could read the future in the shapes of clouds, the flight of birds, and the patterns on the water. They could hear the voices of tiny stones. They could read the history of mountains, understand the stories of trees, and decipher the music of insects. By consulting the three sisters the sun could not only measure time but also understand what it contained.

For a long time this remained proprietary knowledge, because it is the nature of the sun to witness but not to speak. But the observant crow, who can steal anything and keeps no one’s secrets, learned about the bee maidens from watching the sun and told anyone who would listen. All the people of the island could now ask the three maidens anything, knowing they would have the answer.

The bee sisters became capricious in response to the crow’s treachery. They told correct answers, wrong answers, conflicting answers. They gave one response in the morning and reversed themselves in the afternoon.

So as with any miffed and temperamental creatures, the Thriae must be approached in the right way, lest they respond in the wrong way. They must be sweetened with presents and kind words, and still they will not favor everyone. The maidens who wallow in the pollen know everything, however, so it is worth your while to coax them into truthful prophecy, if you can.


Chapter 1: The World at Hand
Cat Tales
How the Pussy Willow Got Her Name
Tefnut and Her Feud with Ra
Cat Review
Divining in the Natural World
Mistresses of Prophecy
Questioning the World

Chapter 2: Into the Swamp
Alligator Owlyout
Crocodile Goddess Creates the World
Sherit’s Bid for Power
Crocodile Review
Noticing the Signs
At the Trowe Ring
Questioning the Signs

Chapter 3: By the Numbers
Count Your Horses
The Fairy Seminary
The Blessing
Horse Review
Counting to Three
Winning Numbers
Questioning the Odds

Chapter 4: In Formation
An Amazonian Kingdom
The Astro-Bee
Sweet Return to Poppy Plateau
Bee Review
Hex to Perfection
The Isle of the Little Cat
Questioning the Form

Chapter 5: Under the Rock
Scorpion Security Associates
Gilgamesh Challenges the Scorpion Twins
Isis and the Bad Little Scorpions
Scorpion Review
Nine Worlds I Knew
The Snowshoe Queen
Questioning the Sentinels

Chapter 6: Seeing the Puzzle
Quoth the Raven, Evermore!
Cache and Release
Raven Review
Visionary Know-How
Leaves of Gold
Questioning the Shades

Chapter 7: What’s with that Noise?
Hunting and Pecking
Children of Vesta and Mars
The Woodpecker and the Horse
Woodpecker Review
Bird Dreams
The Booger ’Coon
Questioning the Vibes

Chapter 8: Into the Mist
The Oenoe Doe
The Antler Wagon
The Unfortunate Hunter
Deer Review
Tracking the Signs
The Huluppu Tree
Questioning the Unseen

Chapter 9: Avian Wisdom
Craning Your Mind
Letters of the Crane
The Habits of Highly Successful Cranes
Crane Review
Holding the Thread of Destiny
The Song of Cliodhna
Questioning the Signs

Final Words
Appendix I: Deities and Heroes
Appendix II: Ancient People and Places
Appendix III: Mathematical Terms
From the Author