Contents (IAM)

May 5, 2017

Chapter 1: Creatures of the Underworld
Snake Dreams
The Hag and the Serpent
The Transformation of the Seer
Snake Review
Approaching Animal Magic
Such a Deal
Musings on a Multi-Patterned Scale

Chapter 2: Creatures of the Womb
Bat Savvy
The War Between Beasts and Birds
Rebellion of the Minyades
Bat Review
The Animal Mother-Goddess
The Lord of the Flute
Musing in a Dark Cave

Chapter 3: Creatures of the Soil
Deciphering the Mouse Mysteries
The Witch’s Queen
The Colony of Mice
Mouse Review
What Is A Magical Animal?
The Pride of King Solomon
Musings on the Magical Beast

Chapter 4: Creatures of the Dream World
Bear Dance
A Priestess for Artemis
Birth of the Honey-Paw
Bear Review
The Animal Guided Meditation – part one
The Fish King
Musings with an Animal Guide

Chapter 5: Creatures of the Night
The Owl of Cwmcawlyd
Why the Owl Hunts by Night
Owl Review
The Animal Guided Meditation – part two
The Spinster’s Vision
Musings From Another Dimension
Chapter 6: Creatures of the Long Journey
The Toad Queen The Three Feathers
The Frog Princess
Toad Review
What Kind Of An Animal Are You?
Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld
Musings on a Fairy Toad

Chapter 7: Creatures of Silence
In Search of Spider Gods
The Weaving Furies
The Children of Uttu
Spider Review
Them Lyin’ Critters
The Abduction of Idunn
Musings on Deception and Truth

Chapter 8: Creatures of Transformation
Bunnies and Rabbits and Hares (Oh my!)
The Tortoise and the Hare
The Cupid and the Hare
Hare Review
If It Looks Like a Duck, It Could Still Be a Witch
The Little Red Cow
Musings in a Different Form

Chapter 9: Creatures of the Otherworld
The Hounds of Hel
A Girl and Her Dog-Groom
Cuchulainn, the Tempered Hound
Dog Review
Wolf Bane, Wolf Brew
An Early Horror Classic
Musings on Canine Shapeshifting

Final Words
Appendix I: Heroes and Deities
Appendix II: Ancient People and Places
Selected Bibliography